12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 5

If you’ve got great shoes, like yesterday’s Native Fitzsimmon Boots, you need some great socks to wear underneath them.

Look no further than Instance Socks. Funky, fun and functional these are designer socks that do away with the pretension or boredom that usually comes with a high end sock.
If you’re looking for something to wear snow or skate boarding Instance has the quality fabrics and weave that will stay up and not bunch under your boots or fave kicks. For the corporate 9 to 5er looking to have a little fun to break the doldrums of day to day living, slipping on a colourful pair of Instance can instantly liven up the attitude. Collaborations with artists and athletes or bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Wu Tang Clan makes sure there’s always something creative and unique peaking out from above your shoe.
Cotton, Coolmax or Cashmere blends make sure these socks are as comfortable as they are fashionable, plus, I don’t think I’ve had to pull up my socks once when wearing a pair of Instance.
Put these on your list and stuff them in your loved one’s stocking.

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