Sara Bareilles – Not Gonna Write You A Love Song!

Sara Bareilles – Commodore Ballroom – November 23, 2010

Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles

“This show is all about interactivity” said Sara Bareilles as she wowed the crowd at Commodore Ballroom.  Touring in support of her latest album Kaleidescope Heart Sara took us on an emotional, entertaining and energetic journey.

Her, often times, hilarious banter and storytelling really connected her to the audience who were singing, clapping, snapping and swaying along to every song in the 90 minute set.  Not only was she connecting and supportive of the audience but of her support acts too, bringing out Holly Conlan and Cary Brothers a few times to sing with her. Gliding effortlessly between poppy, sulty, moody and soulful we were incredibly amazed at her vocal range and ability to convey so many moods within her songs, while keeping the show fun and light.

Comedic interludes about Hookers & Blow, William Shakespeare and usage of the “F” word were seamlessly intertwined with details of what some of her songs were written about. For example, Love Song was written in rebellion of being asked by h

Sara Bareilles
Sara on the piano

er label to write a ‘love song’ hence “I’m not gonna write you a love song”.

After an evening with Sara I feel like writing her a love song, she completely won me over. She delivered such a fun evening of entertainment, I went from casual to serious fan in 90 minutes!

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