9 to 5:The Musical – What a way to make a living!

9 to 5 : The MusicalRecently wrapping up the national tour, 9 to 5:The Musical is the adaptation of the 1980 workplace comedy of the same name.  With music and lyrics by Dolly Parton and book by original co-screenwriter Patricia Resnick.  The movie was Dolly’s first and screen roles, this musical continues her tie to the iconic role of Doralee Rhodes.  Via video, Dolly introduces and sets up the premise then wraps up and delivers the epilogue at the curtain call.
Tony nominees Dee Hoty as hard working middle manager, Violet Newstead, Mamie Parris as newly divorced Judy Bernly star alongside American Idol alumni Diana DeGramo as sexy secretary Doralee Rhodes.  The three leading ladies come together to battle and outsmart their misogynistic, abrasive boss Franklin Hart Jr portrayed by Joseph Mahowald.  Hoty and Parris do a very good job turning their roles, portrayed in the film by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, into their own.  They demonstrate the turmoil women faced as there roles changed in the workplace coming into the 80’s.  Diana DeGarmo has the more difficult task in her role, the movie and play are so associated with Dolly Parton that her portrayal of Doralee feels like Diana as Dolly as Doralee than her own direct interpretation of Doralee.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either as she completely lives up to the icon’s character and singing ability.
Fun, familiar songs, retro fashions, good comedic moments and quality acting keep the musical on a good pace and wraps up before the fairly simple story gets stale. 9 to 5: The Musical makes for a good few hours diversion, hopefully a new tour will begin again soon.

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