Adele – Makes us feel her love!

Adele – Orpheum Theatre – August 9, 2011

The wait was over! Adele admitted to being nervous for this, her first show after a two month hiatus to recover from sever laryngitis.  The hugely warm reception from the sold out Vancouver audience went a long way to ease her nerves as she began to enjoy herself as was obvious from her easy flowing stories and huge peels of laughter filling in between songs.  Beginning the evening offstage singing “Hometown Glory” before breaking through the curtain to complete the song with just a piano accompaniment. To start the following track, the curtain dropped, revealing the rest of her 5 piece backing band plus two sultry back up singers. Confessing to becoming a ‘lady’ lately and appearing in a colourful print silk dress, high heels, freshly manicured nails and wearing a hairpiece that would put a country diva to shame she looked every bit the lady. Then she spoke and you heard the playful young girl having a great time entertaining both herself and an appreciative audience.
Filling the 75 minute set with anecdotes about writing the songs or the people they were about gave the audience a deeper glimpse into Adele’s personality.  A complex mix of independence and innocence her songs are about heartache, love, and relationships. The set was an array of styles, gospel, country, soul and pop all highlighting Adele’s amazing voice, the Opheum’s acoustics playing perfectly with her stunning power. Intermingled were a few choice covers, most notably The Cure’s (her mother’s favourite band) “Love Song” done in a bossa nova style. Rounding out the night, dedicating “To Make You Feel My Love” to her late contemporary, Amy Winehouse, it left a haunting, touching end to the main set.
Returning to the stage to encore with the powerhouse “Rolling In The Deep” with everyone singing along and finally ending with the beautiful “Someone Like You”,   I’m sure Adele made many in the audience exclaim there’s ‘No One Like You’ to her.

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