Alt-J pack the Commodore Ballroom

Alt-J – Commodore Ballroom – April 7, 2013

British indie rock quartet played Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom on Sunday night before a very enthusiastic audience ready to get a taste of their live sound. Touring in support of their 2012 release ‘An Awesome Wave’ the 2012 Mercury Prize winners let the audience see what the buzz was all about. The crowd was ready and up to dance along with the bands quirky electro-rock sound.  Looking like a rock band, the boys surprise with their eclectic use of some instruments and sounds; keyboards and vocals  from Gus Unger-Hamilton perfectly harmonized with Joe Newman’s guitar and vocals. Add in percussion and drums from Thom Green and bass/guitar and occasional castanets by Gwil Sainsbury, who happened to be having a birthday celebrating with a cake from opening act Hundred Waters. Unger-Hamilton did the speaking for the band, which wasn’t too much, other than to say how great of a time they’d had in Vancouver, especially an interview with Nardwuar and having great sushi.  While they didn’t have much to say, they certainly connected with the audience as they danced and sang to their music clearly wanting the night to go on and on.  They will have a chance to get more in September when the band returns to The Orpheum.

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