Basil Pasta Bar

Easily missed amongst the blocks of other small eateries, Basil Pasta Bar is a standout on east Davie Street.

Create Your Own Pasta Bowl

A simple interior and limited seated bely the big taste and choice diners can expect from this little diner.  For just $7.95 day or night, guests can can choose from a great assortment of House Specialties or assemble their own from a wide array of items. Pick a pasta, add a meat and veggie toppings, choose from one of seven tasty sauces then finish off with a garnish. With no limit to the amount of toppings the pasta bowl can be completely filling but there is also the option to create a combo meal by adding a side soup or salad.

Add Soup Or Salad To Create A Combo

The restaurant has limited seating so most people opt for take out which just takes a short few minute wait or phone ahead, 604-568-3106 to have dinner ready and waiting.

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