Blink 182 – What’s their age again?

Blink 182 – Rogers Arena – August 31, 2011

Mark, Tom & Travis : Blink 182

Mark, Tom & Travis brought the Blink 182 show to town as part of the 10th Annual Honda Civic Tour with Rancid and My Chemical Romance.
Although they are in their mid to late 30’s they still know how to party like college kids.  While they’ve had their speedbumps over the years, these three are genuine friends and that comes across on stage too.  Juvenile pranks on each other, toilet humour and playful jabs are prevelant throughout the show.  At the same time, their family men, on stage are two of their children, not introduced, one shirtless

Travis plus Blink 182 - the next generation

playing along on his guitar and another set up behind Travis on their own  drum kit.
After three bands before them, they crowd was ready for the feel-good pop-punk Blink 182 is famous for…and they got it! The audience was on their feet, singing and dancing along as the boys tore through their hits like “The Rock Show”, “What’s My Age Again”, “I Miss You” and “All The Small Things” plus a few new songs from their upcoming album; “Neighborhoods”. One of the highlights of the show comes at the start of the encore, when Travis gets his moment in the spotlight, he shifts to a second drum kit which is on a hydraulic arm that swings and turns him over the audience as he rips through a 5 minute solo, before Mark and Tom rejoin him on stage and he returns to his main kit to wrap up the

Travis is lifted above the audience.

Sadly the tour doesn’t seem to have sold that well, with only the bottom level of Rogers Arena open and the planned date in Victoria cancelled for lack of sales. The bands much delayed sixth album was due for release prior to the tour but has been delayed until late September 2011.  Let’s hope that release reminds the fans of how much fun and talent are behind the penis and masturbation jokes.

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