Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes


Stepping down into Bloomsbury Lanes, you can easily forget you’re leaving the streets of central London, but rather a classic North American bowling alley. Picture Donald Draper on a day off, turtleneck and slim trousers accompanied by a poodle skirted honey. Bloomsbury Lanes is a hive of activity, 8 classic (albeit slightly short appearing) bowling lanes, ping pong tables, foosball tables and classic diner tables and food replicate the ‘all-American’ entertainment suitable for the Happy Days set. However, adding in a long bar, built from bowling lane wood, a large dance floor with a small stage and a group of Karaoke rooms ensure that there is fun for everyone


The evening we visited was “Bands, Burlesque & Beats” night, we’d gone to see our friend’s band, The God Damn Disasters, who’s Rockabilly sounds fit right in with the retro feel of the room. Following the band, The Folly Mixtures, a great troupe of Burlesque performers took to the stage for a thoroughly entertaining set of shows. Our group booked a bowling lane and a karaoke room so we all had something to participate in…along with a few beverages. After hours of fun we we’d all had our fill and a great time at Bloomsbury Lanes
Bloomsbury Lanes is located in the Lower Level, Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way, London near Russell Square Underground Station. Email for bookings.




The God Damn Disasters


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