Breaking The Taboo

BreakingTheTabooFor 50 years the UN has been waging a global battle on multiple fronts, the War On Drugs. Unfortunately, it appears to be a losing battle; illicit drugs are a billion dollar industry, all in the control of criminals. Drugs are cheaper and more available than ever before. Millions of people are in prison for drugs offences. Corruption and violence is rampant in countries around the globe and tens of thousands of people die each year in drug wars.
Breaking The Taboo” is a new documentary film aimed at bringing awareness to the decades old war and making people stand-up and question what can be done. Narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, co-produced by Sam Branson’s Sundog Pictures and Brazil’s Spray Filmes, the movie features interviews with statesmen, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter as it follows the Global Commission on Drug Policy’s quest to break the taboo of the political decisions that have prolonged the war on drugs.
Recently premiered in London & New York City, and launching on its own YouTube channel, Katie Couric hosted a panel discussion on Google+ Hangouts with panelists including, Virgin founder Richard Branson, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Ethan Nadelman the head of the Drug Policy Alliance, and others.
Here what they have to say, watch the film now for free for a limited time and help Break The Taboo.
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