Can’t get Too Close to Alex Clare

Alex Clare – Commodore Ballroom – April 28, 2013

British singer-songwriter Alex Clare made a stop on his North American tour at Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver this week. His cool, casual stage demeanor hid the powerful vocals that was about to burst forth. Clare’s vocals filled the room and filled the audience with enthusiasm and the need to dance. The numerous British expats in the audience seemed to love seeing the BRIT Award nominee in such an intimate venue. The rest of the diverse crowd, were on board for a good time and as Alex commented “this going to be a fun one”.  However, 0n one of the slower acoustic ballads he did have to encourage the audience to stop talking, the chatter embarrassingly droning over his vocals.
His songs range from powerful, simple ballads to high energy dance tracks and again his casual stage presence gives you no clue as to what style is about to come next, making each track a surprise.  Including a couple of covers filled out the set, Etta James’ “Dame Your Eyes” and Prince’s “When Doves Cry” were arrange to suit his style perfectly. He asked for audience participation on “Where Is The Heart” and then got plenty of response on his big hit “Too Close” which it seemed like everyone in the audience knew the words to. After the big hit, a powerful “Won’t Let You Down” closed out the night and a great show.

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