Canucks really are For Kids

The Vancouver Canucks‘ “Canucks For Kids” Charity is a major part of the Canucks community endeavors but they do more than just donate cash to support children’s charities.

12 Year Old Cole Armour Sings The Anthems

The organization and players really make an effort to support & encourage children. The Canuck Placehospice is a major benefit to young patients and their families. Players make visits to children’s hospitals, and make public appearances around the community so youth can meet their heroes and have good role models to look up to.
At the game last night, against New York Islander (a well played 4-1 win!) the team’s support of children was wholly evident.

Amelia from Vancouver Angels Minor Hockey lines up amongst her hockey heroes

12 year old, anthem singer Cole Armour brought the house to its feet (well, if they weren’t already standing for the anthems, they would have stood for him) with his belting renditions of the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada.
A local youth player, standing alongside their idols, is always welcomed and introduced in the starting line up.
At the first intermission there is traditionally a short game for midget / peewee players. It’s so great to see the little kids scurrying across the ice and

Gold River Hawks Minor Hockey play during 1st intermission

I’m sure they’re ecstatic to be skating on the same ice as their hockey heroes.
It’s great to see the team from top to bottom really stands behind their mission to support and encourage children.

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