Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen – Media Club – December 2, 2010

20111204-184527.jpgLocal singer-songwriter Carly Rae-Jepsen performed for a hometown crowd at The Media Club in Vancouver.
Surrounded by family & friends Carly Rae’s perky demeanor and want personality enhanced the energy of the room.
Performing a selection of hit from her debut album “Tug Of War” as well as tracks from here upcoming second album “Curiosity”. Her casual and angling banter between songs gave glimpses into the story behind the songs. Including a heartwarming story of how the song “Just A Step Away”, written by her father to his new bride ad sung to a young Carly Rae as a bedtime tune, became included on her album.20111204-184714.jpg
A small intimate setting with a local supportive audience, this show at The Media Club felt almost like we were almost watching her perform at home for family as I’m sure she did as a young girl. This was truly a treat to be able to feel part of her ‘inner circle’ as she wrapped her audience in the warmth of her fresh and fun pop sound.

Duet with Andrew Allen

Returning to the stage later in the evening for a duet with headliner Andrew Allen gave us another chance to hear her but I’m sure most of the audience will be waiting to see her again as she develops into an even bigger star than she is now.




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