Carrie Underwood – Blown Away Tour

Carrie Underwood – Rogers Arena – October 4th, 2012

Recently, Carrie Underwood wrapped up the Western Canada leg of her Blown Away tour in Vancouver’s Rogers Arena.  Leg was the word of the night as she certainly showed a lot of leg during the 2 hours onstage.  Each of her 5 costume changes were either a very small skirt, dress with a long slit, short shorts or skin tight leggings, highlighting two of Miss Underwood’s visible assets. Her most coveted asset, her voice, was even more on display as she embellished each song with more vocal accessories than her lavish outfits. While she certainly showed the audience why she was the Season 4 American Idol winner, it would have been nice to get a taste of her personality with some spontaneous talk to the audience. Her moments of chatter seemed a bit scheduled and scripted, giving away very little to the woman behind the big voice.

However, this does not take away anything from the fact that she’s a power house singer. From the opening moment of the show as she blew on to the stage in a ‘Wizard Of Oz-like video montage, fans were happily singing along to the big hits from her 4 studio albums; “Jesus, Take The Wheel”, “Before He Cheats”, “All-American Girl” (temporarily All-Canadian Girl), “Blown Away” as well as performing her duet, “Leave Love Alone” with opening act Hunter Hayes and a video duet of “Remind Me” with Brad Paisley.  Her high tech set, lavish costumes, large backing band and big voice is all the ingredients for a great concert and from the singing along from the full house at Rogers Arena most in attendance felt the recipe was just right.
Carrie Underwood continues her worldwide Blown Away tour through the remainder of 2012.

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