Pure Nightclub Las Vegas – Pure Entertainment!

Recently I had the opportunity to check out Pure Nightclub in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas and I highly recommend it!

Inside, The White Room - Private VIP tables

There was a large group of us who came by the club later in the night after attending a wedding. The line to get in was fairly short but inside was packed and the music and party was in full force. At $30 ($20 for ladies) the admission was high but the entertainment value was higher and drinks were reasonable.  This night was celebrating the launch of the new Skyy Infusions Dragon Fruit Vodka.

Many of the people I was with live in the UK and all said it was one of the best nightclubs they’d ever been to!  The sleek interior is clean and bright, and at 36,000 there’s plenty of space to dance, drink,  lounge or just hangout…it’s not surprising that Pure was voted #1 nightclub in America by E! Entertainment Television.  Private rooms, tables and cabanas can be booked to tailor your party experience to your needs.

Outside, The Terrace - Private Cabanas

Our group headed upstairs to the magnificent terrace on the roof, with an amazing view overlooking the famed Las Vegas Strip.  The DJ was pumping out some great beats and the dance floor, in fact the whole terrace, was dancing up a storm.  Whether it was outside, upstairs or inside, downstairs the music sounded great and everyone seemed to be having a good time…the only thing stopping the party was closing time.

If you’re in Las Vegas I highly recommend checking out Pure Nightclub, we’ll definitely head back again!



Obakki – Fall/Winter 2011

Obakki – Fall / Winter 2011 Collection – St Andrew’s Wesley Church – April 29, 2011

[cincopa AgNADkq_6s8Q] Luxury brand Obakki debuted its Fall Winter 2011 collection at in the divine light of St Andrew’s Wesley Church in downtown Vancouver.  Fittingly for the classic gothic church, an old world feel was present throughout the collection.  Beautiful neutral bone and antique white contrasted against charcoals and blacks with pops of bright reds and earthy ochre. Luxurious embroidered and woven fabrics played alongside light, breezy sheers and chiffons.  Shirts and dresses with tight silhouettes gave way to flowing billowy skirts and blouses.  Well tailored coats and trousers lent structure to the romantic glamour of the raw feminine styles.  All of the pieces were a perfect balance of playful, sexy and luxurious which meant every woman would be comfortable in the entire collection.
As an added bonus to the evening ticket proceeds benefited the Obakki Foundation, which supports humanitarian efforts in Cameroon.  By empowering people to be creative; using their thoughts, ideas, art and fashion, to make a positive change in their lives and those of the their family and friends.

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas Vacation

“…because every guest is a Caesar”, that’s the logic behind Caesars (not Caesar’s) Palace.

Every thing a guest could look for is available at this leisure and entertainment mecca in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. This is not a Griswald Vacation!

Begun in 1966, Caesars Palace is an every evolving complex that’s grown to include 3348 rooms spread over 5 towers, a major casino, swimming pool complex, Michelin starred restaurants, shopping mall, nightclubs and entertainment theatres.  Guests really do not need to ever step outdoors to experience the best of Las Vegas.
The standard guest rooms are very spacious and feature large, deep soaking tubs and walk-in showers while suites in the newest

Augustus Tower

Augustus Tower are luxuriously appointed, large and many feature amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip.  In the Forum Tower guests will find rooms with over 1000square feet of space.

Whatever type of holiday tickles your fancy it’s probably available at Caesars Palace; I recently attended one of my best friends’ wedding and the 50+ guests all had a great time.  Whatever activity we could think of, we found it;  gambling in the huge casino, laying by the swimming pool,  pampering in the spa, enjoying world renowned Michelin starred restaurants like Restaurant Guy Savoy and Mesa Grill.  Libations were had in some of the many bars, lounges and nightclubs found throughout the complex and making a safe bet on some great shopping in the Forum Shops adjoining the casino were also on our list.  Whatever we needed it was all waiting downstairs from our guest suites.  When we felt like venturing out beyond the resort the central location meant we were easily within reach of all the other casinos, resorts and malls along The Strip.  I would definitely base my next trip to Las Vegas around Caesars Palace too.

Vancouver Sun Run 2011

Vancouver Sun Run 2011

Sun Run Starting Line

Somehow the Sun must like this race being named in it’s honour (in fact the title sponsor is local paper; The Vancouver Sun) as the wacky weather of the previous week gave way to beautiful sunshine.
An estimated 49,365 participants lined up along Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver to start the 27th annual 10k fun run.
Again this year I was happy to be there to support my friend Brian and amazingly proud that he was able to run a personal best 10k.
Although I couldn’t see them in the massive crowd I also was cheering on numerous other friends running. Our other friend, Billy couldn’t find his co-workers running either.

Approaching the Finish Line

A word of advice to supporters and friends, make sure you have a clearly defined meeting place to send off from the starting line and meet up again at the finish line.
Do not rely on “I’ll see you there” and expect to easily find your friends, mobile reception can be spotty as 10’s of thousands of participants all get on their phones at the same time.
Most of all, even though you may not see your friends, cheer on everyone, they all deserve it!
See you next year!

Top 10 Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts of Airline Travel

Since I’m flying off to Vegas this weekend it reminded me of the things I hate when travelling so I thought I’d share some of my (and I’m sure other people’s) pet peeves.

1. DO arrive in plenty of time for your flight. If you can’t make it on time don’t expect to be pushing your way past those of us who are on time for our flights.
2. DON’T forget your documents and information for check-in, security and customs…the lines move slowly enough already.
3. DO have those documents ready and available for check-in, security and customs…the lines move slowly enough already.
4. DON’T pack anything in your carry-on baggage that isn’t allowed to travel. Pack Smart
5. DO board the plane in an orderly and efficient fashion;  find your seat and step out of the way of others trying to get by.
6. DON’T carry-on too much stuff and hog the overhead bins.
7. DO travel with your children but be prepared to keep them quiet and entertained on a long journey. You don’t want them to end up in an overhead bin!
8. DON’T be a seat hog! Unless you know the person next to you, chances are they don’t want you falling asleep sprawled out all over them.
9. DO enjoy your refreshments and food that you’ve brought with you but try not to bring food that will stink up the plane!
10. DON’T talk too loud, yes, there is background plane noise but if people can hear you even with their headphones on…it’s too loud!!

Happy Travels!

Urban Culture Conference & Awards 2011

In spite of the “no-fun city” naysayers, Vancouver is a city rich in culture and diversity with unique artists, creators and performers around every corner.
The first annual Urban Culture Conference & Awards (UCC) aims to capitalize on this rich tapestry of arts and culture by gathering them all together for one great weekend this summer!
Awards in categories ranging from music, art and fashion to social media and sports will be voted on by the public via the UCC website making sure this in an inclusive event where we are all welcome to express our tastes and interests.
In addition to the awards show the weekend will include; live performances, sports, sponsor exhibits, guest speakers and seminars.  All bringing together the thoughts, inspiration and recognition of the urban generation.
Keep watching the UCC website for more information, contests, giveaways, secret parties and the award nominees.

The POP Tour -“Pre-Outgames Party Tour” is coming!

The GLISA 2011 North America Outgames will be held in Vancouver from July 25th to July 31st 2011!
To put on an 18 sporting events, a Human Rights Conference and nightly cultural, entertainment events takes a lot of people and volunteers are needed.
The POP Tour is making it’s way around the city signing up volunteers. In addition, the Outgames ‘Fast Track Pass‘, which give you VIP access, discounts and door prizes for card holders, are on sale.
Current Pass holders get free admission to POP Tour parties!

The next POP Tour stops are:
April 16 – 8pm at Oasis Ultra Lounge
April 23 – 7pm at 1181 Davie
May 5 –  6pm at Moxie’s On Davie

Stop by one of these evenings, have some fun, learn about the Outgames and maybe you’ll want to volunteer!