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vf_barista_web_1_aAlmost everyone in Vancouver has an opinion on coffee and cafes. However, the Baristas who craft each of the beverages for their customers are often forgotten.  Some places just press a button but for many creating the perfect coffee beverage is a craft.  For the next Vancouver Foodster challenge,  creator Richard Wolak puts the spotlight is on the Baristas to show off their creativity and personality. This challenge features 8 participating Baristas in Vancouver and Surrey and runs from August 28-September 25, 2013.

Participating cafes are featuring a new unique ‘must-try’ beverage created by their Baristas.  To qualify for the Barista Signature Beverage Challenge, this beverage cannot be on the cafes’s menu, it must be a newly created beverage. The Signature Beverage must be available throughout the promotion. The Baristas creation couild be simple to fancy, using unique and innovative ingredients, any type, as simple or indulgent as they wanted, perhaps with coffee, tea or without. Wolak told them to be imaginative and original.

Visit the Vancouver Foodster website to see some of the unique beverage creations in this challenge then get out and drink.

Once people have ordered and tried the Beverage Creations in this challenge, and think they’ve found their new favourite, they can vote on their mobile phones or ipads from their table in the cafes or later in the day. Coffee lovers can cast their vote once a day, and for multiple cafes throughout the promotion.

When voting the public should keep in mind the following criteria – originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste. VOTE for your favourite Beverage at

The winning cafes and Beverage Creations will be announced on September 26, 2013.

UPDATE: And the winners are:

1st Place: Louis Luzuka of Wired Monk Fleetwood in Surrey with his The Incredible Monk which is a matcha greentea kale smoothie with lots of fruits and veggies.
Wired Monk Fleetwood 15930 Fraser Highway, Surrey Tel: 778-565-7696 Twitter:  @WiredMonkIsCool

2nd Place: Blandin Luzuka of Wired Monk Fleetwood in Surrey with her Coffee Crisp take on, of the Chocolate Bar, Coffee Crisp.
Wired Monk Fleetwood, 15930 Fraser Highway, Surrey Tel: 778-565-7696 Twitter:  @WiredMonkIsCool

3rd Place: Nick Allan of Continental Coffee, Vancouver with his Dark Chocolate, Roasted Garlic, and Orange Essence Macchiato.
Continental Coffee, 4295 Main Street, Vancouver Tel: 604-559-7712 Twitter: @ContinentalCoff

The three winning drinks will be featured on their respective menues for at least the next two weeks so there’ still time to check them out.

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