Chinese New Year 2013

IMG_8172We are coming into the annual Lunar New Year season as Chinese and other Asian communities prepare for the more important festive occasion of their year.
This year, Sunday February 10, 2013 ushers in the New Year, the Year of the Snake on the Chinese zodiac. People born under the year of the snake (1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002) are said to possess gracious morality and good manners, are good tempered and skilled but cautious speakers. Though calm on the surface they are intense and passionate. Polite but headstrong they can also be jealous and suspicious.
Leading up the New Year we will clean our homes to sweep out the old year’s luck and start fresh for the new year ahead. New clothing and shoes will be worn and fresh haircuts will symbolise a fresh start.
The New Year will be welcomed with celebrations of family and community; including family dinners featuring traditional items, cured meats, Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade 2008 10-02-2008 1-16-37 PMdumplings, chicken and importantly fish (which in Chinese sounds much like the word for surplus, signifying there will be surplus all year long).¬† Dragon and Lion dances will take place in parades and parties along with fireworks and firecrackers to ward off the bad spirits and welcome the new year’s good omens, wealth and prosperity.
In Victoria, February 10th will see Canada’s oldest Chinatown host traditional Lion & Dragon dancing, martial arts performances and special restaurant menus. A week later Vancouver’s Chinatown will host one of the 40th Annual Chinese New Year parade, ‘snaking’ its way through Pender, Main and Keefer Streets in Chinatown, thousands will gather to take in parade and Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival¬†.

Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade Route
Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade Route

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