Chinese Restaurant Awards 2017 – Winners

Since 2008, the Chinese Restaurant Awards have been promoting the high quality Chinese restaurants and chefs in Metro Vancouver as well as creating an opportunity for cross-cultural connections.

The Chinese Restaurant Awards are based on three categories; Critics’ Choice, Diners’ Choice and Social Media Choice Awards

The Diners’ Choice Winners have been announced and will be presented their awards, along with the Critics and Social Media Choice Award winners, at the 9th Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards Ceremony, March 7th at the River Rock Show Theatre.

The 22 Diners’ Choice Winners are;

Best Cantonese Siu Mai – Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant

Best Shredded Turnip Pastry – Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine

Best Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles – Long’s Noodle House

Best Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken – Memory Corner

Best Durian Glutinous Rice Dumpling – Kirin Restaurants

Best New Restaurant (open less than 1 year) – CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Best Vanfood’s Takeout Restaurant – Alvin Garden

Best Services Restaurant – The Jade Seafood Restaurant

Best Fine Dining Restaurant – Chang’An

Best Dim Sum Restaurant – Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant

Best Vegetarian Restaurant – Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Northern Chinese Restaurant – Chang’An

Best Cantonese Restaurant – Top Gun J & C Restaurant

Best Shanghainese Restaurant – Shanghai River Restaurant

Best Szechuan/Hunan Restaurant – Lucky Noodle Chinese Restaurant

Best Taiwanese Restaurant/BBT Café – Pearl Castle Cafe

Best Hot Pot Restaurant – Liu Yi Shou Hot Pot Restaurant

Best Hong Kong-style Café – Deer Garden Signatures

Best Congee and Noodle Restaurant – Neptune Wonton Noodle

Best Food Court Stall – James Snack Sandpot Rice, Empire Centre

Best B.B.Q. Shop – Parker Place (Aberdeen) Meat & B.B.Q.

Best Bakery Shop – T & T Supermarkets, Bakery Shop

With world recognized Chinese Food in Metro Vancouver, the Chinese Restaurant Awards can help you navigate the overwhelming choices on offer.

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