Chromeo – Chro-meee-oh-oooh-oh!

Chromeo – Commodore Ballroom – February 10, 2011

ChromeoI’ve seen very few bands that can built such positive energy in a crowd without even being on stage. Such is the anticipation the audience feels as they prepare for a Chromeo show…before the band is on stage (perhaps not even in the building) the crowd was super energized; on their feet, buzzing and dancing.

As the Montreal duo of P-Thug and Dave 1 enter the stage to chants of Chro-mee-oh-oooh-oh! The show gets right into the swing of things with a flash from the brilliant light show…no gradual build up here…getting everyone dancing immediately was clearly the aim.  The audience was participating to its fullest, luckily the sprung dance-floor in the Commodore Ballroom there to rebound the sold out crowds boundless energy as they danced and bounced along to every moment of the show. Fists were pumping, butts were shaking and heads were bopping as the band tore through their catalogue of retro infused electro-pop hits for a fun filled 80minute set.

Since their last visit to Vancouver 6 months ago they’ve enjoyed mainstream success and

Dave 1 - lead vocals, keyboard, guitar

airplay with the single “Hot Mess” from their 3rd album “Business Casual”.  This success has brought with is a new fan base that was evident tonight as the audience was far more varied than the gig half a year ago, when they were the secret passion of a smaller demographic.  Having many of the audience new to the band added to the excitement and anticipation as the crowds mixed and melted in to a pot of delicious dance music.

P-Thug - keyboard, synthisizer, guitar and vocals

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