Crystal Castles at Commodore Ballroom

Crystal Castles – Commodore Ballroom – October 26, 2012

Toronto’s Crystal Castles came to Vancouver to promote their upcoming third album. A crowd heavily filled with university student types were ready for a night of beats and dancing and that’s just what they got.
Coming onstage enveloped in a blinding swirl of smoke and heavy strobe lights the electronic dance duo jumped right into the set with some heaving electronic beats and strong vocals. Keyboardist Ethan Kath lead the charge with his great dance track throughout the evening, vocalist Alice Glass kept the audience’s attention with her, sometimes shrill, vocals.  For a band that didn’t address the audience once, they did a great job of keeping the audience upbeat and enthralled. The only interacting the band did with the fans was the multiple times Alice ventured out into the crowd to surf or stand on them before literally diving right into their midst.
The audience dancing went non-stop through the entire show with little let up, showing the fans were perfectly pleased with what was being laid before them. They clearly wanted more as the fans expressed their enthusiasm for much more even after one encore.

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