David Gray – Foundling Tour

David Gray -The Centre For Performing Arts In Vancouver – March 4, 2011

David Gray brought his tour supporting his latest album “Foundling” to Vancouver.
Before a sold out crowd at The Centre For Performing Arts he performed a 2 hour set including a selection from the new album plus a variety from his past discography.  This tour he’d put a post on his website to ask fans to write in and request songs that he would perform in this setlist.  David stated that the fans had requested 136 different songs, which shows the dedication of the David Gray fan base.
Playing with a full band the stage set up was very intimate, interpreting a lounge or sitting room, even though it was a large auditorium.  Most of the crowd sat throughout the show but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm at the start and finish of each track. The fan in front of me screamed herself hoarse by the end of the night and the fellow beside me audibly sighed at the start of a few songs.  With just a little bit of banter from David and quite a few “I love you David” exclamations from the crowd the night was mostly about the music.   He moved nimbly between the baby grand piano, guitars, keyboard even mandolin as he performed extended arrangements of his hits.
At the end of the two hours, I’m sure most of the audience was hoping for another two hours and David seemed to have the energy to keep going to but all good things must come to an end…at least until the next tour.

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