Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie – Rogers Arena – October 21, 2011

Death Cab For Cutie _ backlit umberTouring in support of their long awaited 7th album, “Coats & Keys”, Death Cab For Cutie stopped in Vancouver for a show at Rogers Arena.  A small but dedicated audience heartily applauded the appearance of the band on a simple stage backlit like a setting sun.
Over the course of the next two hours the band performed songs from the course of their 14 year career.  Hard to define their sound, the Bellingham quartet keep it interesting with a variety of styles throughout the show.  Indie-rock, folk, pop, emo and straight forward arena-rock all fill out the show bringing more to the set than just the expected angst-ridden rock. Death Cab For Cutie - blue
It was unfortunate that the show was so lightly attended, barely half full the huge gaps of empty seats made the audience lack any energy.  As a result the band had to work all that much harder to keep the audience attentive. Lead singer, Ben Gibbard was witty and engaging with his stories and banter between song.  A smaller theatre style venue would have suited the crowd and band better.  Hopefully poor sales don’t deter their next tour from stopping in Vancouver again.

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