Desert Island Discs – Disc 1

As mentioned last week I’ll be introducing my Top 10 Desert Island Discs over the next while.

In no particular order we begin the journey with a soundtrack compilation.

Singles: Original MotSingles: The Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrackion Picture Soundtrack
An iconic soundtrack that perfectly captured the sounds of the times. Released in 1992, this compilation includes a who’s who of 90’s indie rockers.  The early nineties saw the birth of the ‘grunge’ scene in Seattle and Pacific Northwest.  This movie cemented the grunge movement’s place in the history and brought the music to the mainstream.  Many of the artists featured on this soundtrack would go on to long term success and gain icon status over the years since; Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell & Soundgarden to name a few.
Every listen, to every song takes me back to my long-haired, plaid shirt, long-johns over shorts, Doc Martin wearing youth.  If you were around in that era, you know what I mean!

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