Desert Island Discs – Disc 3

Welcome to our next installment of my Top 10 Desert Island Discs again, this is in no particular order.  (Find the introduction to disc 1 here, disc 2 here)

George Michael – Faith George Michael - Faith

Yes, I will admit to loving this album when it came out…actually it was probably a cassette tape that I wore out in my car.
Faith was George Michael’s first solo album following the success of Wham! and it marked a more mature, funky sound than the pure pop Wham! was famous for delivering. It debuted in scandalous fashion with the release of the single “I Want Your Sex” which despite (or possibly because of) censorship and controversy still managed to become a #2 single. Five more singles were released, 4 of them went #1 making him the first British male to have 4 chart topping singles off of one album. An appealing factors of this album is how diverse each of those singles and the rest of the tracks are from each other, “I Want Your Sex” sounds nothing like “Father Figure” which again sounds completely different than “Kissing A Fool”. You can listen to this album over and over without it becoming repetitive or boring (unless maybe, you keep playing the same track over and over and over and over like we did as kids)

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