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Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

I know this breaks my rule of no compilations but this one is so iconic that I needed to. For those of the younger generation, who think Madonna is over, Lady Gaga would not exist in the form she has taken if not for Madonna paving the way a generation before her.
This is Madonna’s first greatest hits collection and contains the singles from the first 8 years of her career. Released in 1990 these were the ‘80’s classics, the songs that defined the rebellious artist as she broke into the mainstream and became the superstar we know today. Hit singles; Holiday, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Papa Don’t Preach, Express Yourself and Vogue were joined by the new and controversial Justify My Love. Banned by MTV for its video’s risque sexual content Justify My Love seems tame by today’s standards, this is a great example of the groundbreaking singles and music videos that became a staple of her catalogue.
Besides the great visuals from the videos, each of the singles on this album brings back a distinct memory of a moment in a club or someone special. These are what make a great collection, not just great songs but lasting memories.

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