Desert Island Discs

Recently a friend asked me what my top ten “Desert Island Discs” would be. 
Our rules for picking our top ten must-have discs were that they had to be by one artist or were a soundtrack compilation (no other compilations allowed) and you had to be love every song on the album without ever skipping over a track. 

It really made me stop and think about my music collection and tastes over the years. Of course I could have been all uber-cool music geek and named off a list of ten hipster albums that show up on list after list from the critics but for this exercise we wanted personal faves, not pop-cultural faves. 

Before I expose my shockingly varied taste in music I thought I should put the question to you readers…what are your top ten must-have disc that you can’t part with in your record collections. Let’s share them, no judgment, just interest in knowing what spins your turntable!
I’ll reveal my discs randomly over the next week and I hope to hear from you.

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