Elevate Your Next Party – Make It A Theme Event

Brian Webb shows his 70's spirit

Recently, my friend Brian Webb and I co-hosted a summer party (even though the weather has been less than summery).  To add some extra fun to the event, Brian thought to make it a theme party…’Boogie Fever’, a retro event. Guests were recommended to get some boogie fever and dress in 70’s or 60’s attire, many were planning their costumes all week.
We took care of setting the

Finding my Boogie Fever

atmosphere by raiding Value Village and vintage shops for some great retro pieces. Curtains, fabrics, dishes and of course music turned Brian’s contemporary Yaletown condo into a 70’s basement rec room.  Of course, what would a party be without some food and drink, Brian searched out some traditional retro party food and cocktails to add to the mood.  We served devilled eggs, Ritz cracker & Cheez Whiz, cocktail sausages, gherkins, pickled onions, cheese and summer sausage,

Classic party nibbles set the tone

celery & Cheez Whiz and of course a jelly mould.  The classic drinks menu included Rum Fruit Punch, Tom Collins, Harvey Wallbanger and Greyhound Cocktails.
As we’d invited a number of people who didn’t know each other or hadn’t met in person before, Twitter being the common bond, the great costumes and music gave people an ice breaker to start the conversations.  Adding in a little Abba SingStar, as the evening progressed, capped the evening with some extra laughter and fun. 
If you’re looking for a entertaining boost to your next party think about adding a theme and having some fun with the decorations and costumes!

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