Fit Friday – What’s Your Fave Health & Fitness App?

Everyone likes to have a little bit of help in their quest for good health and fitness. Whether it’s a workout partner, personal trainer, heartrate monitor or even favourite music. Nowadays our smartphones and mobile devices give us another boost by offering a vast array of health and fitness apps.

There’s a health and fitness app offering assistance for whatever part of your workout you might want to support, whether it’s your run, your diet or your weightlifting routine. Runkeeper is a perennial favourite for runners. Nike offers a  number of apps to help your routines, Nike + offers assistance with your running, Nike Training Club is like a personal trainer in your pocket. Men’s Health/Women’s Health Magazine has a huge line-up of apps to help every part of your workout.
For your diet planning, Lose It helps keep you on track when you’re away from the gym. My Fitness Pal offers help for diet and exercise.

Do you use any apps to help your health and fitness routines? What’s your favourite app?

2 Replies to “Fit Friday – What’s Your Fave Health & Fitness App?”

  1. Nike+ is great for keeping track of my runs, and keeping me motivated. Especially with personalities like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods who congratulate me through my Nano when I hit milestones. Stay Fit! Jordan

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