Fit Tips Friday : Form & Function

Have you ever been disappointed by your results or feel pain during a workout? I bet you’ve seen that one guy at the gym who swings the weights or is rocking his whole body to lift the barbell. One of the most important and useful reasons for having a personal trainer is to help learn and maintain proper form when working out.
Keeping in proper from is easy when Trainer Alex Jack is watching over me at the Steve Nash Sports Club, someone else can see when you’re not standing straight or if you’re lifting with the wrong part of your body. However, the hard part comes when you’re on your own and need to keep yourself on track. If you’ve never had a trainer to give you the guidance in the first place you may never know that you are not working out to optimal performance. Even now when I workout on my own I have the benefit of Alex’s expertise to remind me of the proper form. I can hear Alex reminding me to slow down, keep my shoulders back or focus on the right muscle. and I can feel the difference in the muscles when I’m doing the exercise correctly.
Maintaining the correct form helps:
– prevent injury from improper form
– remedy poor posture from our day to day habits of sitting at the desk or slouching on the couch
– optimize the output of the exercise by the making sure the muscles are being worked as intended
– balance out overly dominant muscles caused by overworking certain muscles when using improper form
– ensure the right amount of rest and recuperation is incorporated into the workout

I read some great words of wisdom somewhere when talking about form…It’s not the weight you use but HOW you use the weight

Proper form helps correct poor posture from sitting in front of the desk

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