Flower Count 2012

Early each year, whilst most of the country is locked in the dead of winter, Victorians are found crawling about on their hands and knees through their gardens counting flowers.
The results of this year’s 36th Annual Flower Count tallied over 2billions blooms. Last year, a low count due to weather, yielded just 260,457,579 blossoms. This year was higher, but still didn’t challenge the record year 2010 with 21 billion blooms!
Begun in the late 1960’s, by the Victoria & Saanich Chambers of Commerce, Butchart Gardens and Tourism Victoria, as a light-hearted promotion to boost Victoria tourism in the shoulder season, and bolster community spirit, for one week each year Greater Victoria proves why it’s the “City Of Gardens”.  Citizens count all the blooms they can find and send their results to flowercount.com to be tallied. To announce the results, fresh cut daffodils are sent to the media throughout North America,  kicking off the beginning of spring in Victoria.

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