Fly Over Canada Takes Off

Vancouver’s newest attraction, Fly Over Canada is generating big buzz since opening this month. Located in the former IMAX Theatre space, the multi-million dollar 4D attraction brings a year-round activity to the far end of Canada Place.
The experience begins at the Fly Over Canada kiosk at the start of Canada Place, then strolling along the Canadian Trail before ascending to the 60-seat theatre. Upon entry to the attraction, guests are ‘treated to a 360 degree feel-good film, Uplift!, designed to inspire a sense of Canada. The patrons then file into the pre-flight room for a safety briefing before they disembark on their flight over Canada.  The theatre itself is on three levels, ‘passengers’ are strapped into their flight seat and prepared for take-off.  The high tech seating, shifts to elevate the passengers so legs are dangling over the precipice as the movie begins. The 20 metre screen envelopes the view as the seats shift, tilt and lurch giving the feeling of a genuine helicopter flight. Bursts of mist gently fall overhead as the flight passes through clouds or over waterfalls and sounds and scents of the flora and fauna of Canada fill the senses. It’s the closest one can come to the feeling of a real helicopter flight, and I’ve been in many.

Co-producers of Soaring Attractions and Aquilini Investment Group have developed an attraction that will surely appeal to young and old, locals and visitors alike throughout the year. Spending $16million over the last year to redevelop the location and film hours of footage all across the country allows Fly Over Canada to change up the video and seasonal or special occasion versions are planned, meaning visitors are encouraged to return multiple times to see what’s new.  The renovated plaza outside the theatre allows guests to leisurely enjoy an amazin view of Stanley Park and the City while they visit the shop and coffee bar.

Fly Over Canada is located at Canada 201 – 999 Canada Place and open 10am – 9pm.
Tickets can be pre-purchased online (for a discount) or in person at the Fly Over Canada kiosk.
Adult : $19.95 per person
Senior/Youth: $17.95
Children: $14.95

Find Fly Over Canada online, on Twitter @FlyOverCanada and LIKE at


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