Friday Find : 2UNDR Performance Wear

Vancouver seems to be a hotbed of underwear and performance activewear companies, 2UNDR Performance Wear is one that combines the two for a performance undergarment.

2UNDRThe Vancouver designed athletic underwear is inspired by the kangaroo pouch and can stand-up to a busy active lifestyle but also stay comfortable and stylish for everyday wear.
Many brands have developed their own version of a pouch designed to keep a man’s equipment in place and eliminate unwanted skin-on-skin contact and chaffing.  I’ve tried many styles of pouch some are more successful in their goal than others, so far the 2UNDR ‘Joey pouch’ lives up to its mission.  I particularly like the comfort of the ribbing around the edge of the pouch.  It’s thin enough to avoid bulk but thick enough for comfort, I barely felt the pouch whereas some other underwear you can definitely ‘feel’ the edges of the pouch.  Another bonus is the exterior fly, allowing easy access and added ventilation to keep things cool in the pouch.  The waistband is very comfortable too; soft, pliable, and strong.  Since I have fairly athletic thighs I often find the leg band of some underwear can be either quite tight or will ride up, 2UNDR seems to be a good balance of tight and comfortable.

2UNDR comes in 4 boxer brief/trunk styles; Swing Shift, Day Shift (which I’ve tried), Gear Shift and Power Shift, available online from $27.50 to $34.99
No matter what your lifestyle I think you’ll be pleased with 2UNDR Performance Wear

Fit: 5/5
Construction: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Price: 3/5

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