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GOJOY_IMG_4705The Fraser Valley is well known for it’s great crops of strawberries, cranberries and blueberries, now a local company is adding goji berries to the list of BC Farm Fresh berry crops. Gojoy Berries‘ farmer Peter Breederland has brought the, native to Asia, superfood to local markets.  The crop at Gojoy Berries farm in Aldergrove has just reached its peak and hit coolers so you can enjoy the antioxidant, vitamin c, and beta-carotene rich fresh berries.  Gojoy Berries also sells frozen whole berries and an awesome frozen “Smoothie Booster”, a tasty blend of BC-grown goji, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and blackberries.

The brilliant red berries are packed with a unique flavour, sweet and slightly savoury that are great on their own or perfectly pair with oatmeal, granola, yoghurt or even ice cream. Packed with flavour, fibre and plenty of nutrients,  are low in calories so feel free to dive into a basket while their fresh.GOJOY_2015-07-13, 09 21 53

Frozen whole, the berries are equally versatile, mixed into a chilled cocktail, blended into a smoothie, baked or cooked in your favourite recipe they show why they are known as a superfood.

The Smoothie Booster is a handy packet of berries that packs a punch of flavour and nutrients when added to your smoothie. The Smoothie Booster blend works with savoury green smoothies or sweet fruit smoothies to give them the added boost of vibrant colour year-round.

All the Gojoy Berries products are available online and in stores now. Fresh berries are only available for a limited time so grab them while you can!

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