Friday Find: Miyabi 6000MCT Shotoh Knife

The Miyabi 6000MCT Shotoh paring knife packs a lot of quality into in a small 3.5″ blade. Like its larger related blade, the Miyabi Santuko, the Shotoh is a razor sharp, micro carbide MC63 powdered steel core tempered blade. The blade’s hammered Tsuchime finish and the Cocobolo PakkaWood handle makes for a stylish knife that fits your hand and handles well.
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Small, light and versatile, the Japanese-made Miyabi Shotoh paring knife is the perfect knife for peeling, trimming, cleaning, coring and fruits and vegetables. Fine work like thin slicing and garnishing are done with ease due to the sharpness and smooth blade.  The pinpoint sharp tip, pierces the toughest skins and slices flush against bone and meat when deboning.

Like it’s larger cousin, the Santuko, once you use the Shotoh you realize just how good of a knife it is.  The Miyabi 6000MCT Shotoh Knife is available at Cook Culture stores or from Zwilling stores or online


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