Friday Find: Shomyo – Hibiki Whisky Cocktail

At the recent introduction event for Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky we were shown the versatility of the Hibiki Whisky in a couple of super cocktails.

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Hibiki Harmony Hi-Ball

The Hibiki Harmony Hi-Ball showed the simplicity of Hibiki Whisky and Soda with a twist, a perfectly refreshing after-work cocktail. Warm, tart and tangy.

The star cocktail of the evening was created by mixologist Lauren Mote of Bittered Sling.   Served in a clay teapot the warm whisky cocktail, The Shomyo was a revelation.  A satisfying, sweet sip on its own the warm nectar-like silkiness also paired nicely with desserts.
Inspired by the study of voices chanting together, using 5 notes per octave; this creates the harmony.  Each ingredient represents a different octave in the Yo Scale, to create the Shomyo (Japanese Buddhist Chanting).  The award-winning Mote was kind enough to share her recipe.

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Dessert and The Shomyo

The Shomyo 

2.00 oz Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky  
2.00 oz Fermented Gioshi Cha Japanese Tea
0.75 oz Local Plum + Coconut Cordial
0.25 oz Filtered Lime Juice (please ensure this is well strained, with no flecks of lime segments/debris) 
2 dashes Bittered Sling Denman Bitters
Place all ingredients in a clay kettle, and slowly heat to a low simmer (140F-160F). Remove from the heat, and pour into prepared cups. Garnish with thinly sliced lime wheel (use a meat slicer, should be the thinnest you can get it). 
It was kind of Lauren Mote to share her recipe and now we can all try our hand at creating the unique hot cocktail.

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