The Future is Now : 5 Films set in the “Future” 2016-17

Remember when we were kids and we expected flying cars in the next millennium?
Well they aren’t flying but they are driving themselves, and a technology is growing in leaps and bounds.

With 2017 just around days away, let’s take a look at how the “Future” was supposed to evolve in these 5 films set in 2016-17.

Independence Day: Resurgance (2016) – Set 20 years after the events in original film, technology has advanced by reverse engineering the alien tech and the world is about to celebrate surviving near annihilation with the launch of a global early warning system only to have another visit from the “evil aliens”

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – In 2016, Gotham is on the brink of being a police state, Batman is retired and megalomaniac Bane, an enforcer for League of Shadows is holding the entire city hostage under threat of a nuclear bomb. As the hostage crisis holds, criminals are let loose and the general public turn again the establishment.

The Running Man (1987) -30 years ago when this Arnold Schwarzenegger movie debuted they didn’t seem to have much hope for our future or were they predicting something yet to come? After a global economic collapse, American becomes a totalitarian police state where a reality show is used to decide the fate of criminals

Barb Wire (1996) – This Pamela Anderson star vehicle was based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name. Set in 2017 during the Second American Civil War, Barb Wire is a nightclub owner, slash mercenary/bounty hunter who ends up helping ‘freedom fighters’ escape to Canada

Cherry 2000 (1987) – This Melanie Griffith lead flop (from this plot I can see why), again finds the US a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In this time, human sexual relations require complicated contracts, while robotics have advanced to the state that female androids or ‘gynoids’ stand-in for wives.

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