Get a bang out of the Drum Cafe

DrumCafe_Preshow entertainmentLooking for some unique entertainment for your next event? Look no further than a session with the Drum Cafe.
I’d heard about the Drum Cafe over years from various friends but hadn’t had the opportunity to experience it for myself until recently.
At a showcase at the Delta Vancouver Airport, a few of the Drum Cafe performers were DrumCafe Teamroaming the cocktail reception playing their drums and other traditional African instruments.  The guests expected the entertainment to be capped off by an exciting drum and dance performance but the wall opened and presented us with the true Drum Cafe team building experience.  The 5 players were beating out a lively rhythm while the guests sat before their own drum and began joining in the action. The performers led participants through a lively and bonding experience as we built up a sweat learning beats and rhythms on the drum, boom whacker and other percussion instruments.
The Drum Cafe specializes in team building exercises as well as entertainment for parties, conferences and events. The Drum Cafe even provided the pre-game drumming to build excitement for the Vancouver Whitecaps.
beating our own at Drum cafeBook them for your next event and you’ll give your staff or guests a unique experience they won’t soon forget.

Find your local branch of the Drum Cafe online at, and on

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