Government House Victoria – A Home for all British Columbians

High on a hill overlooking all of Victoria, majestic Government House is the Ceremonial Home of all British Columbians.  As the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor, the

representative of Her Majesty The Queen of Canada, Government House is the Province’s centre of hospitality, hosting royalty, dignitaries, and honoured guests of the Province.  However, the house is not only for the elite,  school & group tours and the Annual New Year’s day Levee (open house) welcome all British Columbians into the historic house.

While the stately home is impressive the showpiece of the National Historic Site are the 36acre gardens.  With stunning views out over the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Peninsula beyond, meander the grounds to find formal gardens, orchards, native plant gardens and a rare 22 acre Garry Oak ecosystem.  Maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers, these gardens truly are there for all British Columbians to enjoy. Next time you make a trip to Victoria, be sure to stop and check out this little known gem!

Stunning views over the Juan de Fuca Strait

Government House is located at 1401 Rockland Ave in Victoria, BC, except on rare special occasions, the grounds and gardens are open daily from dawn to dusk and are free of charge.  School and Group tours are available upon request.

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