Guilty Pleasures with Eric Solomon

Perfectly timed to coincide with the release of his new album, Time Bomb, Eric Solomon performs this weekend at Guilty Pleasures concert fundraiser at Five Sixty. The former Vancouver based recording artist returns from his new LA home to perform some of his hi-energy pop to get the crowd primed. Solomon’s influences of 80’s synth pop, funk, soul and R&B combine to create a fun, energetic and highly danceable sound. 
Born in Montreal, raised in the African Congo until war broke out then returning to live in Montreal, touring and playing in Asia for 5 years before settling in Vancouver for a spell and now LA, his travels would exhaust many people but they only seem to inspire his musical creativity.  Featured in MTV’s Youth Electric, around the release of his first EP, Antarctica, gained exposure for Solomon.  If the lead single Addicted is anything to go by, this latest full length album has him poised to reach the respect and acclaim he works so hard to achieve.
Check out this rising star in an intimate club setting on Saturday Nov 19th at Five-Sixty performing with a host of other entertainers at Guilty Pleasures. Guilty Pleasures is a new bi-annual fundraiser produced by MN events and benefiting 4 local HIV/AIDS organizations. A Loving Spoonful, YouthCO Aids Society, McLaren Housing Society and Positive Living BC.
Tickets are available Tickets available at Priape, and at each beneficiaries office: 20% of each ticket goes to the beneficiaries.

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