Guys Night Out at The Bay Vancouver

After a multi-million dollar renovation The Hudson Bay store in downtown Vancouver debuted their new 6th Floor Men’s Department. After years of being relegated to the windowless crowded basement level, the new floor is a major step up, both figuratively and literally. Bright, spacious and beautifully presented the menswear collections are now given the status they deserve.  With The Bay seriously boosting their brands and image in an attempt to keep the centuries old company top of mind in Canadian consumers, the Men’s Department will make men take notice and return to the venerable retailer.
Guy’s Night Out was their launch event to show off the 6th Floor; special offers, cocktails, appetizers and entertainment were featured throughout the floor. Beside the floor itself the highlight of the night was a meet & greet by Trevor Linden and Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks.  Shoppers spending $75 or more, could skip the long line-up and meet the athletes right away.
Take the express elevator from main floor to 6th Floor Men’s Department on your next visit to The Bay downtown Vancouver and you’ll see for yourself this impressive new department.

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