Heart – Red Velvet Car


Heart – Queen Elizabeth Theatre – February 26, 2011 

Legendary rock band Heart wrapped up a 20 date cross Canada tour at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre this weekend, bringing them back to the city that gave them their start nearly 40 years ago.


I last saw them 25 years ago at Pacific Coliseum during their big haired power ballad 80’s era, while the hair is smaller they rock just as hard as ever. If we’d not been up close and able to see the extra lines that life has added to the indomitable Wilson Sisters, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t 1986.  Ann still sings with power and edge and Nancy still struts and strums with all the exuberance and energy as ever.

Nancy Wilson

Whether it’s belting out hard rocking tracks like “Barracuda” and “Crazy On You”, a simple stripped down version of “These Dreams” or power ballad “Alone” these are classic tunes performed by consummate pros.  In addition to the hits of the past new songs from the 2010 released album “Red Velvet Car” were fit into the set as well.  Throughout the evening, the Wilson’s mentioned their ties to Vancouver, few local events and venues of the past, recording their first hit record “Dreamboat Annie”.  They even had Vancouverite Ben Mink, who produced “Red Velvet Car” joined them on stage for a couple of the new singles adding a lush depth to the songs with his violin.

Ann Wilson

Over the years Heart’s sound has covered a wide range of eras and tastes; hard, electronic tinged, soft ballad, country but through it all there is the continuing  knowledge that rock ties it all together and these ladies don’t look like they’ll stop rocking any time soon…thankfully!

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