Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop

Sandwiches, salads and soups are on the menu at Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop, while that may sound simple and limited when they’re done well, they are a great satisfying meal. The philosophy at Homegrown is to create a wholly sustainable product, from the ingredients to the materials used to serves the meals upon. One hundred percent compostable and recyclable serving containers and utensils are an extension of their eat local, eat organic guidelines. Dining at one of their three locations, Capital Hill, my friend and I found the easy, satisfying and tasty bite. Simply choose a sandwich or salad, choose a size, add a side and savour your meal. I tried a Turkey, Bacon and Avocado; nicely roasted turkey breast, layered with bright green avocado, lettuce and crispy bacon between a dense multigrain bread. The soup on the side was a thick, rich, bean, potato and vegetable stew. Everything tasted fresh and perfectly assembled, making a leisurely sunny Sunday lunch in the open windows of Melrose Market.

Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop has three locations; Capital Hill, Fremont and Queen Anne. Catering is also available for delivery to your home or office.


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