Jake Bugg flashes like a Lightning Bolt

Jake Bugg – Vogue Theatre – September 27, 2013

Jake Bugg - Acoustic

Stepping on stage at a sold out Vogue Theatre 19 year old Jake Bugg didn’t have to try hard to win over the audience. Being just 19 years old, most of the audience was older than he but you’d never know it by his performance.  His vocals and guitar playing was equal to performers decades older.

Jake Bugg - Rocks


Obviously taking his inspiration from best of British music over the years, there was a hint of 60s rock, 70s folk and 90s Britpop throw in a dash of country and you can see why he’s had a number one album and numerous award nominations.

Starting off with “Fire” the audience, populated by a number of expats, sang along with most of the hour long set especially his hit single “Lightning Bolt”. Mixing in songs from his self-titled number one debut album Jake Bugg with his upcoming sophomore effort, “Shangri-La”, the set varied from full out rock and roll swagger like “Two Fingers” and “Taste It”  to intimate acoustic tracks such as “Country Song” and “Song About Love”.

Even with the acoustic break in the middle the set was a fast paced and lively affair as the audience buzzed about watching the young star. This was definitely a show that people will recall for years with a “Remember when…”.

Jake Bugg

For more Jake Bugg, find him online on Twitter @JakeBugg, Facebook.com/JakeBuggUK, Instagram @JakeBugg or YouTube

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