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reserve seating included with corporate memberships

Inspired by the buses Google uses to transport employees at its US campuses, Cloverdale residents Darian Kovacs and Chris Geoghegan are introducing a new transportation option for Fraser Valley commuters.  The Pacific Commuter Clubis a membership-based luxury coach service for Surrey and Langley residents who work in Vancouver set to begin on July 3, 2012.

Chris Geoghegan

“I was really tired of thinking about how much time I was wasting on my morning commute,” says Chris Geoghegan, founder of Pacific Commuter. “I realized this didn’t exist and how many people – not to mention the environment – could benefit from it. It is a much-needed connection for residents of Langley and Surrey who make the long commute downtown every working day.”

Pacific Commuter will begin its journey each morning picking up members from locations in both Surrey and Langley, and multiple drop-off locations in downtown Vancouver, including Waterfront Station, Coal Harbour and the Sheraton Wall Centre. The 40foot coaches are comfortable and well equipped with amenities including reclining plush seats, tray tables and bathrooms. Each bus is also equipped with a kitchen for those who struggle to get their breakfasts together in the morning. For those who can’t wait to start their day the bus also has free wifi .

Darian Kovacs

“When you’re a contractor, time is money,” says Darian Kovacs,  Social Media Consultant. “The fact that I can work on my way to work alone makes the cost of membership worth its weight in gold.”

It also goes without saying that Pacific Commuter is inherently green, providing residents of Langley and Surrey with an alternative to driving their own vehicles the long distance from the Valley to the downtown core.

The cost of monthly membership for Pacific Commuter is slated to start at $395.00 per month. Taking into consideration the costs of parking in Vancouver, along with fuel, commuters will end up ahead financially, in addition to being more relaxed and productive. Commuters who are interested in finding out more about this service can visit for all information, including additional perks associated

Have breakfast on the go, using the coaches onboard kitchen

with its annual membership.


Be one of the first 40 people to signup and recieve:

  • A One-Week Free Trial
  • A pair of Vancouver Whitecaps FC tickets (July 18)
  • A free car2go membership, plus 30 minutes of driving
  • A subscription to the Globe & Mail when riding with Pacific Commuter Club
  • Only valid when you sign up to start July 3, 2012.



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