Junior Boys

Junior Boys – Commodore Ballroom – September 17, 2011

Junior Boys

Polaris Prize Nominees, Junior Boys stopped in Vancouver touring in promotion of their latest album, “It’s All True”.  Never known for their stage presence they didn’t change any preceptions this time either.
While the beautiful sounds of Jeremy Greenspan’s vocals are in sharp contrast to his ‘school librarian’ oxford shirt and khaki’s, Matt Didemus looked completely uninterested to be on stage at all. The only time he showed any interest

Matt Didemus

was when setting up his instument for the next track.  Overall Greenspan spoke maybe a dozen sentences to the crowd.
The diverse audience included a lot of college kids, dance kids, and the requisite hipsters who mostly didn’t seem to mind

Jeremy Greenspan

the lack of interaction as they danced the night away during the hour plus set.

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