Knot Theory – a new take on ties!

Artistic, unisex, fashionable, sexy…not words usually used to describe a necktie but then Knot Theory is anything but your usual neckwear.
Creating a new twist on a traditional accessory, Knot Theory’s Tanya Huang has designed an innovative way to make the everyday tie a unique piece of your wardrobe. Tying a tie is often a chore, Knot Theory’s one of a kind detachable/interchangeable knots make tying the perfect knot a snap…well actually a button. The six tie styles come in black or white but the whole look of the tie can change in an instant by swapping the knots for a different colour or embroidered pattern.
Inspired by 19th century detachable cuffs and collars, the knots are an easy way to get multiple looks from one tie, keep it sedate and matching with a black knot for daytime, then loosen your tie and spice up your evening with a hot red knot. The simple and stylish modern cut makes Knot Theory ties look great on him or her and at home in the boardroom or on the dancefloor. Tailored and sewn in Canada of Duchess satin, the long wearing silk-like fabric is more resistant to fading and is even washable, making it more resistant to stains like red wine, coffee, lipstick, or makeup.
Available online at the ties, including one knot, retail for $99 and additional knots are priced from $25.

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