La Mezcaleria Cocktails

Friday afternoon, guests at the #OaxacanTasting at La Mezcaleria were treating to some very refreshing and tasty cocktails created by Kelly Ann Woods.

Photo 2014-05-30, 11 02 46Put on in conjunction with the Tequila Expo, the afternoon started with a welcome cocktail, “Spiked Agua Fresca” – Watermelon Thai Basil con piquete (or without).  Garnished with a bright cube of watermelon, it was a great summer splash on a sunny day.






Photo 2014-05-30, 11 40 58As the food preparation and associated aromas filled the air, along came a palate warmer, “Spring in San Pancho” – Silver Tequila, housemade berry syrup, jamaica, berries and soda. Even a virgin version was a refreshing, fizzy pick-me-up.

When the meal was ready, Chef Susana Trilling’s Enchiladas Oaxaqueño were served with a “Tamarindo Margarita” – Tamarind infused Tequila, lemon, agave, tajine and orange flavours blended into a light and clean tasting Margarita. The flavours softened the usual hard bite of the tequila.

As the spot in the city for Mescal, a visit to La Mezcaleria wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the Mexican spirit as well.

Kindly mixologist Kelly Ann Woods has shared her recipe for the ” Tamarindo Margarita” so you can enjoy one with your Enchiladas Oaxaqueño, after spending the day making Mole and the Enchiladas you’ll need it.



IMG_3470Tamarindo Margarita
Rim a rocks glass with Tajin*
Fill with ice
In a shaker, put:
1.5 oz Tamarind infused silver tequila**
0.5 oz triple sec
2 oz lemon juice
1 oz agave syrup
Shake hard for about 30 seconds
Strain into the rocks glass
Garnish with an orange slice
*a common Latin specialty store condiment that is sprinkled on fruit and veggies in Mexico. Made from dehydrated lime, chili and salt.
** dry tamarind can be found in specialty Latin or Indian food stores I blocks. Break off up to a quarter of a brick, put it in a large mason jar, fill with silver tequila and let it sit for 3 days. Then, strain and use.
If you don’t want to make it, head over to La Mezcaleria at 1622 Commercial Drive an try the cocktails first hand.
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