Let Greenscape Design & Decor bring the outside inside!

Vancouver International Airport - Pacific Passage

Many of you have probably been through Vancouver International Airport and experienced the beautiful, relaxing atmosphere in the international departures hall or meandered down the Pacific Passage in US arrivals, the West Coast seemingly brought to life inside the airport.  Eating out around town, Brix, Browns, Chop Restaurants all have brought nature into their decor.

Brix Restaurant

What do all of these have in common? Greenscape Design & Decor, is the answer.  Greenscape are experts at making the artificial appear real and they do an amazing job of it.  Walking through the warehouse and shop at Greenscape is like strolling around the world in a matter of feet. Groves of Bamboo lead to a West Coast temperate rainforest, then onto a winter wonderland of snow-covered shrubs and onto a English country garden.  The female owned and operated company has an amazing talent for recreating natural plants and trees and designing a setting that suits their clients needs.  It’s

Transform your party with Greenscape Rentals

not just permanent installations either, they offer rental services too.  From pick-you-own to full service event planning the staff will help you find what you need and what suits your event. A friend and I recently used Greenscape’s services to help create the atmosphere for a theme party, with just a few pieces a standard apartment was transformed into a Mediterranean mecca.  Now that I’ve seen what they can offer, I’ll be thinking of them for not just personal

Bring the outside, inside.

events but spreading the word for work events too. Corporate parties, trade shows, weddings or Christmas decor, Greenscape Design & Decor is the place to start.

Greenscape Design & Decor is located at 3811 Myrtle St. Burnaby BC
Phone 604-437-1729 or visit http://www.greenscapedecor.com/ for more information on their services.

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