Lights Out! Earth Hour 2013

EarhHour logoSaturday March 23rd, 2013 at 8:30pm turn out the lights for Earth Hour. Now in its 5th year as a global event, after getting its start in Sydney in 2008, Earth Hour challenges individuals, businesses and governments around the world to turn off their lights for one hour to support the need to take action on climate change. Hundreds of millions across the planet will unite to support what has grown into the largest grassroots environmental event ever.
Here at home in Vancouver we have more incentive than ever to participate in Earth Hour as Vancouver has been chosen by WWF as 2013 Earth Hour Capital.  Beating out other finalists; Forlì, Italy; New Delhi, India; Oslo, Norway; Uppsala, Sweden; and San Francisco, USA, the jury chose Vancouver in recognition of its innovative actions on climate change and dedication to create a sustainable, vibrant urban environment.  Vancouver was also gained the highest number of online votes to be named the People’s Choice winner, demonstrating Vancouver’s reputation and Vancouverites’ commitment to the challenge.
For more information on climate change issues and how you can participate in Earth Hour, visit WWF Canada’s Earth Hour page. Then on Saturday night see what fun you can have in the dark, maybe you’ll need more than an hour!

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