MUSE wraps up West Coast ‘2nd Law’ tour in Vancouver

MUSE – Rogers Arena – February 6, 2013

Wrapping up a dozen dates up the West Coast of North America, MUSE visited Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Delivering their usual spectacular stage performance, the trio from Teignmouth kept the near sell-out audience on their feet for the entire two hour show.  Coming on stage with a flash, Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenhome and Dominic Howard tore straight into “2nd Law”, “Supremecy” and “Super Massive Blackhole” to make sure the audience knew what they could expect for the night. A MUSE show is always an amazing visual and aural experience and this was no exception. The crowd was loving ever minute of the tiers of monitors ringing the stage above, below and on level with the performers. Performing hits from their catalogue as well as new numbers from their latest album “2nd Law”; including “Resistance”, “Knights of Cydonia” and “Madness” before closing the night with “Starlight” and their London 2012 anthem “Survival”. After nearly two decades of performing together MUSE has done more than ‘survive’ they’ve flourished and prospered as one of the perenial winners of ‘Best Live Act’ at the Brit Awards, tune in February 20th to see if they win again at this year’s Brit Awards.

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