Neuw Colours Of Autumn

Warm, burnt tones of brick, sun bleached straw, cool slate, deep rich wine and jewel tone jade sound like the colours of leaves changing but instead they’re the palette for Neuw Black Colour denim.

Black colour is a brilliant alternative to your pair of basic indigo jeans; deep, rich dyes with an aged hue. Neuw has developed their Black Colour with one of the world’s oldest, still active, denim mills based on one of the products they produced in the 1950s.  In order to create the depth of colour and lessen fading the Australian demin company has
used a coloured top thread (warp) against a black bottom thread (weft) instead of the traditional white weft. This change gives the Neuw Black Colour the same deep tone as high end indigo denim.

Black Colour is the perfect jean to brighten up your autumn wardrobe. Find your pair and more about all the lines of Neuw Denim at and look for them in your favourite retailer

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